The World's first Bitcoin Mining Fund

The Logos Fund will be a private fund dedicated to investing into a range of Bitcoin-related businesses.

It's aim is to make the growth of Bitcoin accessible to sophisticated investors who are otherwise unable to get similiar exposure. The first Bitcoin mining fund is the result of a long term development of sustainable mining, technical development of the mining infrastructure, long term contracts with suppliers and the building of a strong network within the Bitcoin industry.

Genesis Mining will serve as the initial provider of Bitcoin mining services for the Logos Fund and will be the Logos Fund's main partner for the investments established by us.

The Fund will be managed by professionals that are both experienced in the field of crypto-currencies and its regulation as well as in the management of assets and the structuring of complex financial products.

What is the fund's strategy?

The Logos Fund is being established to invest into the mining of Bitcoin as well as into Bitcoins directly, benefitting from different markets and pricing as part of its strategy to achieve optimal results for investors. Logos Fund investments build on its partner’s Genesis Mining’s strong market experience, high reputation within the industry and its advanced technological knowledge and capabilities.

Marco Streng

"Bitcoin opens up an entire world of opportunities. We are just now starting to realize how impactful this will be."

- Marco Streng, Founder of the Logos Fund

The Team

The fund will be managed by a dedicated team of senior staff with more than two decades of experience in the field of fund and asset management, structured financial products and regulatory matters. Also, the fund management has a strong background in the field of cryptocurrency mining including the building of robust structures that allow for sustainable processes and mining results.


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